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Suction anchor brings an easy and effective way for holding the place securely for a long time and leaves no scratches or damage to your vehicle‎.‎
Just press‎,‎ push and lock for quick installation‎.‎ Secure to smooth painted surfaces‎(‎please clean the surface before attaching‎)‎‎.‎
This suction anchor with a strap is made from solid materials for strong strength and long durability‎.‎
Each anchor holds up to 50 lbs ‎(‎22.6kg‎)‎ and it is an ideal tool for trips or home‎.‎
It is great for SUV‎,‎ pickup beds‎,‎ car trunks and luggage racks‎.‎
The suction pads work on most non‎-porous smooth surfaces and the strap is for moving‎.‎
Material‎:‎ ABS + PVC + Metal
Color‎:‎ Black
Suction Pads Size‎:‎ 13 x 11.5cm/5.12‎”‎x 4.53‎”‎
Package Weight‎:‎ approx‎.‎ 538g

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4.6 out of 5