طابعة فواتير حراريه موبايل بلوتوث – محموله باليد -لاسلكيه – 58 ميللي


Printing width ‎:‎ 58mm
Printing speed ‎:‎ 70mm/s
Resolution ‎:‎ 203dpi
paper width ‎:‎ 58 mm
Interface ‎:‎ Bluetooth
Printing method ‎:‎ thermal line
support system ‎:‎ android ‎(‎bluetooth‎)‎ and windows system ‎(‎USB‎)‎
effective printing width ‎:‎ 48 mm
dimision ‎:‎ 115 mm*84 mm*38 mm
battery ‎:‎ 1400mah Li‎-on rechargeable battery
charge methods ‎:‎ standby charge
paper cut method ‎:‎ manual tearing
put paper method‎:‎ clam shell method
anomaly detection ‎:‎ paper end alarm ‎,‎ low battery alarm
power port ‎:‎ DC 9V‎,‎3A
instruction set ‎:‎ ESC/POS compatible instruction set
accessories ‎:‎ LI‎-ion battery‎,‎power adapter 9V ‎,‎3A ‎,‎development Cdinstruction‎,‎ printing paper ‎,‎charging cable

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4.6 out of 5