Casio FX-570ESPLUS-W-DTV Calculator – Grey

السعر الأصلي هو: EGP480.السعر الحالي هو: EGP320.

‎-Model‎:‎ FX‎-570ES‎-PLUS‎-Type of product‎:‎ scientific calculator‎-Use‎:‎ basic‎,‎ secondary and higher education
‎-15 10 2 digits‎-417 functions‎-Resolution of equations‎-20 pairs of values for metric conversions‎-Calculation with complex numbers‎-Calculation of functions with the Cal key ‎(‎temporary memory of formulas‎)‎‎-40 scientific constants‎- Vector and matrix calculation‎- Numerical calculation of integrals / differential calculation‎-Full random numbers‎-New mode of equations‎-Table of functions‎-Multiple answers‎-24 levels of parentheses‎-Memory variable ‎(‎7‎)‎‎- STO / RCL key‎-417 functions‎-Pantalla‎:‎ ‎”‎natural screen of textbook‎”‎ with V‎.‎P‎.‎A‎.‎M‎.‎‎-Weight‎:‎ 100 gr‎-Granty 1 year‎-Dimensions‎-High 16.2 cm‎-Width 8 cm‎-Deep depth 1.38 c

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