Epson L3070 Ecotank Its Inkjet Printer


Ultra‎-low cost

Did you know that Epson’s EcoTank ITS printer can reduce printing costs by up to 90%2‎?‎ It comes with high‎-yield ink bottles that can print up to 13‎,‎000 pages in black and 6‎,‎500 pages in colour3‎.‎ That means you’ll receive an ultra‎-low cost per page‎.‎

Cartridge‎-free printing
Running out of ink can be frustrating‎.‎ Even if you’ve stocked up‎,‎ it takes time to change a cartridge‎.‎ If you have a busy household and rely on your printer‎,‎ there’s an easy solution‎.‎ Epson’s EcoTank ITS printer has an ultra‎-high‎-capacity ink tank system‎,‎ which completely removes the need for cartridges and comes with up to two years‎’‎ worth of ink1‎.‎

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4.6 out of 5