Generic مكنسة كهربائية 120W 12V محمولة للسياره رطب وجاف


المواصفات الأساسية :
Made of ABS material‎,‎ High impact‎,‎ high heat resistance‎,‎ flame retardant‎,‎ good electrical performance‎.‎
Suitable for DC 12V cars vehicle‎.‎
Keep your car clean and tidy all the time‎.‎
Used directly from the car lighter socket‎.‎
Perfect for home‎,‎ office‎,‎ school‎,‎ travel and all vehicles‎.‎
Can suck cigarette ash‎,‎ cookie crumbs‎,‎ eraser crumbs‎,‎ hair‎,‎ rice‎,‎ etc‎.‎
Handheld‎,‎ Compact‎,‎ Lightweight Design‎,‎ Convenient for using and carrying‎.‎
محتويات العلبة (محتويات علبة المنتج)
1 x Wet Dry Dual‎-use Car Vacuum Cleaner‎,‎
1 x Multifunction Static Brush‎,‎
1 x Water Pipe‎,‎
1 x Dust Absorption Flat Nozzle‎,‎
2 x Water Absorption Flat Nozzle‎,‎
1 x User Manual

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4.6 out of 5