Generic Cartoon Cute Metal Crystal Heart Pendrive USB Flash Drive Memory Stick Pen Drive U Disk Blue 32GB


المواصفات الأساسية :
1‎.‎ USB connection‎,‎support Hot plug & Play‎.‎2‎.‎ No external power supply ‎.‎
3‎.‎ Support different types of os‎.‎4‎.‎ Solid State Storage‎,‎ Shock proof and electromagnetic proof‎.‎
5‎.‎ Durable data storage‎.‎6‎.‎ Fast speed in write/read transfer
7‎.‎ Hardware Requirement‎:‎ PC with USB connection‎,‎Notebook‎,‎MAC
محتويات العلبة (محتويات علبة المنتج)
1 X Flash Drive
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SKU ‎(‎config‎)‎ GE810EL1083OPNAFAMZ
اللون Blue
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