Generic Samsung Galaxy A70 Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector 6D – Black


المواصفات الأساسية :
Strengthen Twice‎:‎The protector is full of glue‎,‎ more sensitivity and HD‎.‎
It looks like no screen protector after the phone is turned off‎.‎
It has greater improvement in use and vision than the first generation‎.‎
9H Anti‎-scratch‎:‎High quality‎,‎Even rocks‎,‎ keys‎,‎ knives and other hard objects cannot scratch it‎.‎
Full coverage‎:‎No longer tolerate air bubbles on the edge of the phone‎,‎ and the curved edge can also be protected perfectly‎.‎
Anti‎-Shatter‎:‎If the tempered glass is broken by accident‎,‎it will break into a mesh of film‎,‎all the pieces will be glued together‎,‎and will not splash out‎.‎

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4.6 out of 5