High Power Powerful Jump Starter 50800 Mah With Air Compressor (لحالات الطوارئ 50 امبير )


High power and high capacity battery with 50800 mAh and the peak current‎:‎ starting current more than 200A and peak is 600 A‎,‎ the device has USB Port ‎(‎2 USB‎)‎‎:‎ 5V‎-2A
The device can start the battery of vehicle‎,‎ yachts‎,‎ motorcycles when the battery failure or damage‎.‎ and recharge Laptop‎’‎s‎,‎ I‎-pad‎,‎ I‎-phone‎,‎ Android‎,‎ Cameras‎,‎ Mp3‎,‎ Mp4‎,‎ PSP as the device with multi‎-purpose link‎,‎ also Air compressor with gauge for inflating tires‎,‎ balls‎,‎ bikes‎,‎ bicycle‎,‎ Zodiac‎,‎ air mattress‎.‎‎.‎‎.‎‎.‎‎.‎etc‎,‎ and it comes with adapters‎.‎ the device has 4 blue LED lamps for the machine charge levels also power ON/OFF‎,‎ Safety Hammer for glass broke‎,‎ Safety sharp cutter for cutting the stuck belt‎,‎ the device has 2 USB device to charge two devices at the same time‎,‎ Flash light Blue/Red for emergency‎,‎ powerful LED searchlight also operates an emergency on the road‎,‎ also coming with machine Extension cable for laptop charge and 8 adapters for the most models‎,‎ Main battery cable ‎(‎red / black‎-‎)‎ ‎(‎for the operation of the car in case of battery failure‎,‎ Home charger with red lamp indicator and car charger to charge your device‎,‎ the device comes in a strong plastic bag to keep the machine and accessories safe‎.

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4.6 out of 5