Kiriazi سخان غاز اسطوانة – 10 لتر


المواصفات الأساسية
70EGP Shipping fees will be added for North Coast orders
Capacity‎:‎ 10 Liters ‎(‎with chimney‎)‎‎.‎
Material‎:‎ Metal
Automatic quick water heating‎.‎
Due to its large capacity‎,‎ this heater supplies hot water to both kitchen and bathroom at once
It reduces the electricity cost by 70% in winter
Work with digital display showing hot water temperature‎.‎
For our children protection‎,‎ it has the possibility of stopping hot water electronically‎.‎
With high sensitive safety device‎.‎
Gas source is a gas bomb
Dimensions‎:‎ Width‎:‎ 350 mm‎.‎ Depth‎:‎ 200 mm‎.‎ Height‎:‎ 630 mm‎.‎

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