Muscle Med Creatine Decanate

السعر الأصلي هو: EGP400.السعر الحالي هو: EGP350.

The amazing Muscle Med Creatine Decanate uses pharmaceutical methods by using polyethylene glycol (PEG) compounds and dioxins (such as sodium Decanate) to promote the transfer of amino acids to the blood. Polyethylene glycol promotes intestinal absorption, and is used to enhance the solubility and dissolution of amino acids, thus supporting all the ways and pathways of absorption across and between cells. Muscle Med Creatine Decanate works to promote intestinal absorption. Its basic vital method of action is to expand the narrow intercellular spaces, increasing the ability to absorb and transfer amino acids to the blood. Amino acids divided to reduce its size, which helps to improve the ways of cross-intestinal transport between cells. The result is ultimately increased solubility and decay, increasing the speed and strength of the absorption of amino acids across and between the cells, thus enhancing the value of the resulting utilization

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