Remax Rpl-28 Power Bank – 5000ma


المواصفات الاساسية :
Design‎:‎ External charger with attractive design and shape of real US Army hand grenade‎,‎ made from high quality materials of plastic and metall‎.‎ Please use this device as stylish accsessory without scaring people in public places‎.‎

Remax is a modern and high quality premium brand from Korea which is covering a wide range of the most important accessories for mobile phones and mobile devices ‎.‎ All Remax products combines the reliability and durability‎,‎ which managed to get through attention to the selection of the highest quality materials and components‎.‎ Remax products has bright and original design and technical solutions‎,‎ which makes these products unique‎,‎ and nothing can compare with them‎.‎

Stylish Pocket size External Power Bank with high capacity of 5000mAh to charge up for any mobile device ‎- Smartphone‎,‎ tablet PC witch support USB PLug Charging ‎- Max 1.5A

Possible to charge Up Mobile Phone till 2x Times‎,‎ which depends from mobile phones battery capacity in mAh‎.‎ LED Indicator witch shows battery charge status level‎.‎ One standard 5V USB ‎(‎Max 1A‎)‎ charge Plug‎.‎ Auto On/Off switch button‎.‎

Remax Power Bank external charge up batteries has more longer working cycles‎,‎ thanks to battery elements which is made in Japan‎

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4.6 out of 5