Sonoff WIFI Smart Plug Switch Portable Control By Mobile App


المواصفات الأساسية
WiFi Power Plug
Radio protocol‎:‎ Wi‎-Fi
Radio signal power‎:‎ 1mW
Radio rate‎:‎ 30 meter indoor
Radio rate‎:‎ 50 meter outdoor‎,‎ depens on building
Materials & structures‎.‎
Working voltage‎:‎ AC 110~240V
Max power‎:‎ 2000W ‎(‎resistance loading‎)‎
Working current‎:‎ Max 15A
Material‎:‎ ABS flame retarding polymer
Plug Standard‎:‎ EU ‎(‎ the US‎,‎ AU‎,‎ UK plug for your country
are also optional‎)‎
Power consuming‎:‎ ≤0.3W
Working Humidity‎:‎ ≤80%

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