Joyroom Wireless Charger dual usb output ports Qi Wireless Charger – باور بانك لاسلكي (يعمل علي جميع الهواتف )


المواصفات الأساسية :
10000mAh capacity provides enough power for your device

High efficient input and output‎,‎ fast charging speed

Dual USB + wireless charging output ports‎,‎ can charge three devices at the same time

High definition power digital display‎,‎ showing power status anytime

With ABS ant‎-slip pad‎,‎ keeping your cellphone in place when charging

Compact‎,‎ lightweight and portable‎,‎ fits perfectly in your pocket

محتويات العلبة (محتويات علبة المنتج)
Package included‎:‎
1 x JOYROOM Wireless Charging External Power Bank
1 x User Manual ‎(‎English and Chinese‎)‎
Other items not included

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4.6 out of 5